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  1. Summer Internship Scheme for Finalists and Graduates | UCL Careers - UCL – University College London

    The UCL Careers Summer Internships Scheme (in association with Santander), offers finalists and recent graduates the chance to do a summer internship at a London-based small to medium enterprise (SME). ... Internships are now advertised on myUCLCareers

  2. Women in LoLo | LoLo

    2. The construction industry is changing. Thankfully, stories such as Christina’s of being told “s orry we can’t give you a construction internship since that would mean putting a

  3. Extreme Citizen Science blog

    Malik MSc in Digital Anthropology at UCL and Carol Iglesias currently completing an internship with ExCiteS with Artemis Skarlatidou UCL ExCites carried out a citizen science project in collaboration with a

  4. Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering Policy | UCL Human Resources - UCL – University College London

    NB: If a volunteering opportunity is advertised it should not be described as an internship. ... 4. Policy . Purpose of Internships. Internships are educational and career developmental opportunities providing practical experience in a field or

  5. Internships | Arts and Sciences (BASc) - UCL – University College London

    Prescient - 2018). All Arts and Sciences BASc degree students are supported by the dedicated BASc Internships &Vacancies Team at UCL Careers if they wish to undertake an internship. ... The internship should be seen as a preparation for the world of work.

  6. Sourcing and making the most of internships | UCL Careers - UCL – University College London

    Take a look at our  internships toolkit, which will help you and secure an internship, think about goals for your internship and different tips to help you before, during and after ... Some of these will be internships where you will apply directly to

  7. Internship Case Studies | Arts and Sciences (BASc) - UCL – University College London

    Misha’s internship was with Amazon Web Services, Cloud computing infrastructure and services provider. ... Each team then gave a presentation on the final day of their internship.

  8. opportunity_to_apply_for_an_nihr_internship_school_of_primary_care_bursary_2020_ps.docx | Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care - UCL – University College London

    UCL is the number one London university for Research Strength (REF2014), recognised for its academic excellence and global impact.

  9. Apply for a UCL Connected Learning Internship | UCL Changemakers - UCL – University College London

    The deadline to apply for internships is Wednesday 1 July at 23:00 BST. ... Contact. For any questions about Connected Learning Internships, please complete the contact form.

  10. Finding a global internship | UCL Careers - UCL – University College London

    Alternatively, please go to the  Managed Opportunities  section of the Global Internships Programme webpage. ... Vacancy type  - selecting 'summer internship' will show internships taking place during the summer period Locations and/or countries

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