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  • Establishing a standard of care for advanced biliary tract cancer

    UCL research led to the first accepted standard treatment for patients with advanced biliary tract cancer.

  • A safer and shorter treatment for thyroid cancer

    The HiLo trial has changed management for patients with well-differentiated thyroid cancer. The new treatment standard is more convenient for patients, with fewer side effects, and reduced costs to the health service.

  • Advances in gene therapy lead to successful treatment of haemophilia

    Research at the UCL Cancer Institute has produced the first promising results using gene therapy to help patients with haemophilia.

  • Improving treatments for non-Hodgkin lymphomas

    Clinicians and scientists at UCL have been central to the design and management of single centre and multi-centre lymphoma trials within the UK and internationally.

  • New treatments for patients with thalassaemia

    Research on the pathophysiology of transfusion-dependent iron overload in thalassaemia patients has led to a new treatment, deferasirox, and a new method for monitoring patients using MRI.

  • New standards of care in lung cancer

    UCL conducted a series of national lung cancer trials, which led to a switch from chemotherapy with cisplatin to carboplatin-based chemotherapy.

  • Treating patients with Hodgkin lymphoma when the standard treatment does not work

    UCL research over the last 30 years has developed new treatments for Hodgkin lymphoma and has improved outcomes for patients who do not respond to conventional therapy.

  • Improving treatment of acute leukaemia

    Research conducted at UCL/UCLH over the last 20 years has enabled the identification of adults with acute leukaemia who are most likely to benefit from stem cell transplantation.

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