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  1. Genome-wide association study of height-adjusted BMI in childhood identifies functional...

    OBJECTIVE: Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of BMI are mostly undertaken under the assumption that "kg/m(2) " is an index of weight fully adjusted for height, but in general this is not true. The aim here was to assess the contribution of

  2. Genetic Fine-Mapping and Identification of Candidate Genes and Variants for Adiposity...

    Obesity is a major risk factor for multiple diseases and is in part heritable, yet the majority of causative genetic variants that drive excessive adiposity remain unknown. Here, outbred heterogeneous stock (HS) rats were used in controlled

  3. Genome-wide association and longitudinal analyses reveal genetic loci linking pubertal...

    The pubertal height growth spurt is a distinctive feature of childhood growth reflecting both the central onset of puberty and local growth factors. Although little is known about the underlying genetics, growth variability during puberty correlates

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