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  1. A Potential Role for a Genetic Variation of AKAP5 in Human Aggression and Anger Control.

    The A-kinase-anchoring protein 5 (AKAP5), a post-synaptic multi-adaptor molecule that binds G-protein-coupled receptors and intracellular signaling molecules has been implicated in emotional processing in rodents, but its role in human emotion and

  2. Isolation and Characterization of Multi-Protein Complexes Enriched in the K-Cl...

    © Copyright © 2020 Smalley, Kontou, Choi, Ren, Albrecht, Abiraman, Santos, Bope, Deeb, Davies, Brandon and Moss. Kcc2 plays a critical role in determining the efficacy of synaptic inhibition, however, the cellular mechanisms neurons use to

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