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  1. Regulation of mitochondrial morphogenesis by annexin A6.

    Mitochondrial homeostasis is critical in meeting cellular energy demands, shaping calcium signals and determining susceptibility to apoptosis. Here we report a role for anxA6 in the regulation of mitochondrial morphogenesis, and show that in cells

  2. Annexin A6 Is Critical to Maintain Glucose Homeostasis and Survival During Liver...

    © 2020 by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. Background and Aims: Liver regeneration requires the organized and sequential activation of events that lead to restoration of hepatic mass. During this process, other vital liver

  3. In vivo imaging of molecular interactions at damaged sarcolemma.

    Muscle cells have a remarkable capability to repair plasma membrane lesions. Mutations in dysferlin (dysf) are known to elicit a progressive myopathy in humans, probably due to impaired sarcolemmal repair. We show here that loss of Dysf and annexin

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