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  1. The impact of ADI-PEG20 on PDL1 expression in ASS1 deficient uveal melanoma

  2. Prognostic and therapeutic impact of argininosuccinate synthetase 1 control in bladder...

    Targeted therapies have yet to have significant impact on the survival of patients with bladder cancer. In this study, we focused on the urea cycle enzyme argininosuccinate synthetase 1 (ASS1) as a therapeutic target in bladder cancer, based on our

  3. The independent effects of white matter hyperintensity volume and cerebrospinal fluid...

    Increased rates of brain atrophy are seen in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and in vascular dementia. The relative contribution of these pathologies is often unclear. Low CSF Aß1-42 is a marker of AD pathology while white matter hyperintensities (WMH)

  4. Transient fulminant liver failure as an initial presentation in citrullinemia type I

    Citrullinemia type I (CTLN1) is a urea cycle disorder which typically presents in the neonatal period or infancy with hyperammonemia and concurrent neurologic deterioration. We report a 15-month-old female with CTLN1 who presented with

  5. Potassium deficiency decreases the capacity for urea synthesis and markedly increases...

    BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Potassium deficiency decreases gene expression, protein synthesis, and growth. The urea cycle maintains body nitrogen homeostasis including removal of toxic ammonia. Hyperammonemia is an obligatory trait of liver failure,

  6. Polygenic Risk Scoring is an Effective Approach to Predict Those Individuals Most Likely...

    © 2020, The Author(s). Background: There is a clear need for simple and effective tests to identify individuals who are most likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) both for the purposes of clinical trial recruitment but also for improved

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