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  1. Xp54 and related (DDX6-like) RNA helicases: roles in messenger RNP assembly, translation...

  2. The RNA Helicase DDX6 Controls Cellular Plasticity by Modulating P-Body Homeostasis

    Post-transcriptional mechanisms have the potential to influence complex changes in gene expression, yet their role in cell fate transitions remains largely unexplored. Here, we show that suppression of the RNA helicase DDX6 endows human and mouse

  3. Variants at multiple loci implicated in both innate and adaptive immune responses are...

    Sjögren's syndrome is a common autoimmune disease (affecting ∼0.7% of European Americans) that typically presents as keratoconjunctivitis sicca and xerostomia. Here we report results of a large-scale association study of Sjögren's syndrome. In

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