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  1. Characterisation of preformed autoantibodies in renal transplant recipients with early...

    Introduction: Although donor-specific HLA antibodies (DSAs) have been established as a primary cause of long-term graft failure, there is compelling evidence that antibodies directed against non-HLA antigens contribute to rejection. There have

  2. Single-cell landscape in mammary epithelium reveals bipotent-like cells associated with...

    © 2019, The Author(s). Adult stem-cells may serve as the cell-of-origin for cancer, yet their unbiased identification in single cell RNA sequencing data is challenging due to the high dropout rate. In the case of breast, the existence of a bipotent

  3. Spatial distribution of cellular function: the partitioning of proteins between...

    Concurrent proteomics analysis of the nuclei and mitochondria of MCF7 breast cancer cells identified 985 proteins (40% of all detected proteins) present in both organelles. Numerous proteins from all five complexes involved in oxidative

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