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  1. Immune-mediated control of Toxoplasma gondii by a GBP1-TRIM21 complex

  2. Kayuet Lau - MA/MFA - Slade Degree Showcase 2020

    The Flying Broccoli Piece. 2020. Durational Sculpture. Price: GBP1, 000 (Certificate and Instructions to re-construct). ... 6. The Door Bell Piece. 2019. Site-specific installation. Price: GBP1, 000 (Certificate and Instructions to re-construct).

  3. Human guanylate binding proteins: Generation of tools, and their role during Toxoplasma...

    Guanylate binding proteins (GBPs) are large GTPases that are substantially upregulated by interferons during infection. The human genome consists of seven GBP family members with high sequence identity. GBPs have been implicated to confer host

  4. Validation of Differentially Expressed Immune Biomarkers in Latent and Active...

    Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major global threat and diagnosis of active TB ((ATB) both extra-pulmonary (EPTB), pulmonary (PTB)) and latent TB (LTBI) infection remains challenging, particularly in high-burden countries which still rely

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