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  1. Identification of novel targets in fibrosis

    Fibrosis is a major pathological feature of many chronic diseases characterised by activation of fibroblasts, accumulation of extracellular matrix (ECM) and persistent inflammation which can lead to impaired organ function and ultimately, to organ

  2. Further evidence for the association of MMP9 with nephropathy in type 2 diabetes and...

    BACKGROUND: Diabetic nephropathy is characterised by extracellular matrix (ECM) expansion, a key modulator of which is TGF-b1. Glucose-stimulated transcriptional activation of the TGF-b1 gene is an important component of the pathogenesis of

  3. The nuclear receptor cofactor receptor-interacting protein 140 is a positive regulator of...

    The nuclear receptor cofactor receptor-interacting protein 140 (RIP140) is essential for cumulus cell-oocyte complex (COC) expansion, follicular rupture, and oocyte release during ovulation. The expression of many genes necessary for COC expansion

  4. Gene-educational attainment interactions in a multi-ancestry genome-wide meta-analysis...

    Educational attainment is widely used as a surrogate for socioeconomic status (SES). Low SES is a risk factor for hypertension and high blood pressure (BP). To identify novel BP loci, we performed multi-ancestry meta-analyses accounting for

  5. The composition has been reversed - The Slade School of Fine Art


  6. Jun Ha Yang - MA/MFA/PhD - Slade Degree Shows 2015

    2015, acrylic on canvas, 56 x 40.5 cm. ,. Jun Ha Yang. , ... 2015, acrylic on canvas, 50.5 x 50.5 cm. ,. Jun Ha Yang. ,

  7. Has economics failed? | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    Has economics failed? 1 May 2018. Professor Mariana Mazzucato (UCL Institute for Innovation &Public Purpose) contributes to a discussion about whether economics has failed, arguing the definition of 'value' should be

  8. Has this blog changed your life? | UCL News - UCL – University...

    Has this blog changed your life? 25 February 2013. Professor Jon Butterworth (UCL Physics &Astronomy) asks readers if his blog has had an impact on their lives.

  9. The Time Has Come: Poland | Students - UCL – University College London

    The Time Has Come: Poland. 6 April 2020. In her first vlog Eleanor shares her first experiences as she starts her year abroad with a short term study placement in Poland.  .  .

  10. Has hip-hop music been hijacked? | UCL News - UCL – University...

    Has hip-hop music been hijacked? 26 June 2012. Professor John Sutherland (UCL English Language &Literature) talks about hip-hop, and argues that it's a valid form of art.

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