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  1. UCL ZEUS Electronics Activities

    MVD. We are responsible for the Clock and Control system for the ZEUS Silicon Microvertex detector (MVD).

  2. MVD C&C test software ===================== Current status at...

    MVD C&C test software ===================== Current status at DESY ---------------------- The test programs are independent of the MVD DAQ software. ... directory ---------------- DESY: mvddaq/ucl/source/ UCL : jbl/vme/source/ John Lane 7 April 2000 This


    » High Energy Physics ». 12 Apr 2021. Neutrino Oscillations. ZEUS is a detector collaboration at the world's only electron-proton collider, HERA, which is at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. The HERA collider finished in 2007 although

  4. ZEUS MVD Installation

    After Installation of the CTD. Dummy Beampipe (1) Dave watching dummy beampipe from FTD end. Dummy Beampipe (2) A view through the centre from the RTD end. Dummy Beampipe (3) View from the FTD end of beampipe nearing RTD end. After Installation

  5. MVD Patch box list

    CABLES FROM MVD TO PATCH BOX. Combo Cable from Axon. Kapton tape cover with polyurethane jacket O.D. ... x2.5mm. Alignment Cables. same as from MVD to Patch Box (previous table).

  6. \relax \@writefile{toc}{\contentsline {section}{\numberline...

    relax@writefile{ toc}{ contentsline { section}{ numberline { 1} MVD}{ 1}} @writefile{ toc}{ contentsline { subsection}{ numberline { 1.1} Clock and Control}{ 1}} @writefile{ toc}{ contentsline { subsection}{ numberline { 1.2} Patchbox}{ 2}}

  7. ZEUS UK Collaboration Status Report

    ZEUS Microvertex Detector. MVD Layout. Charm Tagging with Microvertex Detector. ZEUS-UK MVD Progress.

  8. MMHT Parton Distribution Functions

    » High Energy Physics ». 12 Apr 2021. Neutrino Oscillations. Here we provide the standalone interface code and grids for the Martin, Motylinski, Harland-Lang, Thorne (MMHT) 2014 LO, NLO and NNLO PDFs described in arXiv:1412.3989. These supersede

  9. MVD Patch box component list

    MVD Patch Box Module Components. MODULE TYPE - ANALOGUE. Component. number.

  10. Evaluation of the effects of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on tumour microvessel density(MVD),...

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