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  1. Characterising hyperinsulinaemia induced insulin resistance in human skeletal muscle cells

    Hyperinsulinemia potentially contributes to insulin resistance in metabolic tissues, such as skeletal muscle. The purpose of these experiments was to characterise glucose uptake, insulin signalling and relevant gene expression in primary

  2. Cell competition with normal epithelial cells promotes apical extrusion of transformed...

    Recent studies have revealed that newly emerging transformed cells are often apically extruded from epithelial tissues. During this process, normal epithelial cells can recognize and actively eliminate transformed cells, a process called epithelial

  3. Development of a cell based system to investigate which Leigh syndrome patients could...

    Mitochondrial diseases are the most common group of inherited metabolic disorders, with a minimum birth prevalence of ~ 1 in 5000. They are an unusually heterogeneous group of diseases, both phenotypically and genetically. To date over 200 genes

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