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  1. Diversity of Interneurons in the Dorsal Striatum Revealed by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing...

    Striatal locally projecting neurons, or interneurons, act on nearby circuits and shape functional output to the rest of the basal ganglia. We performed single-cell RNA sequencing of striatal cells enriching for interneurons. We find seven discrete

  2. Characterization and distribution of Reelin-positive interneuron subtypes in the rat...

    GABAergic inhibitory interneurons (IN) represent a heterogeneous population with different electrophysiological, morphological, and molecular properties. The correct balance between interneuronal subtypes is important for brain function and is

  3. Vision and Locomotion Shape the Interactions between Neuron Types in Mouse Visual Cortex

    © 2018 The Authors Cortical computation arises from the interaction of multiple neuronal types, including pyramidal (Pyr) cells and interneurons expressing Sst, Vip, or Pvalb. To study the circuit underlying such interactions, we imaged these four

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