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  1. TDP-43 | UCL Division of Biosciences - UCL – University College London

    two highly conserved RNA-binding motifs (RRM1-RRM2), and a highly disordered and aggregation-prone glycine-rich C-terminal domain (CTD.

  2. TITAN: 2D NMR lineshape analysis | UCL Division of Biosciences - UCL...

    TITAN: 2D NMR lineshape analysis. Register here to download. Since the 1960s, 1D lineshape fitting has been a key method for the quantitative analysis of titration data. Today however, even applications of 1D lineshape analysis have become limited

  3. PsPM-RRM1-2: SCR, ECG and respiration measurement in response to electric stimulation or...

    This dataset includes skin conductance response (SCR), electrocardiogram (ECG) and respiration measurements for each of 29 healthy unmedicated participants (7 males and 22 females aged 23.5 +/- 3.6 years) in response to 10 discomforting electric

  4. FBP Nbox walkthrough | UCL Division of Biosciences - UCL – University...

    FBP Nbox walkthrough. This is an illustrated walkthrough of the analysis of a titration of 15N-labelled FIR RRM1-RRM2 with the FBP Nbox peptide, acquired to investigate the interaction of ... FIR RRM1-RRM2 with FBP and FBP3 as part of a broader study of

  5. Bioassaying putative RNA-binding motifs in a protein encoded by a gene that influences...

    The no-on-transient-A (nonA) gene of Drosophila melanogaster influences vision, courtship song, and viability. The nonA-encoded polypeptide is inferred to bind single-stranded nucleic acids. Although sequence-analysis of NONA implies that it belongs

  6. An RRM-ZnF RNA recognition module targets RBM10 to exonic sequences to promote exon...

    RBM10 is an RNA-binding protein that plays an essential role in development and is frequently mutated in the context of human disease. RBM10 recognizes a diverse set of RNA motifs in introns and exons and regulates alternative splicing. However, the

  7. RNA target recognition by IMP1 – a molecular investigation at the transcriptome level

    RNA binding proteins orchestrate the assembly of macromolecular RNA-protein complexes that regulate post-transcriptional regulation. Disruption of these finely tuned processes can result in an array of diseases. RNA binding proteins are multidomain

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