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  1. ABEYEWICKREME, Anil | MBPhD Programme - UCL – University College...

    The leukemia associated genes Runx1, Scl, Gata2 and Lmo2 are vital to the development of the haematopoietic system, and deletion of these genes produces an embryonic lethal phenotype due to the ... differentiation. Exogenous BMP4 alone was found to

  2. The evolution of leukaemia | UCL Research Domains - UCL – University...

    Remarkably, the team was able to locate such twins, and discovered ETV6-RUNX1-carrying cells in the unaffected twin [1]. ... If ETV6-RUNX1-carrying cells could be eradicated, ALL could be entirely prevented.

  3. Mechanism of ETV6-RUNX1 Leukemia.

    The t(12;21)(p13;q22) translocation is the most frequently occurring single genetic abnormality in pediatric leukemia. This translocation results in the fusion of the ETV6 and RUNX1 genes. Since its discovery in the 1990s, the function of the

  4. Histone Chaperone HIRA in Regulation of Transcription Factor RUNX1

  5. A novel and cytogenetically cryptic t(7;21)(p22;q22) in acute myeloid leukemia results in...

  6. Developmental susceptibility to childhood leukaemia uncovered | UCL...

    In this case, the study team focused on one blood cell mutation in particular - ETV6-RUNX1 - the commonest genetic driver of childhood B-ALL. ... Further information:. Research paper ' A Human IPS Model Implicates Embryonic B-Myeloid Fate Restriction as

  7. Foxp3 controls regulatory T-cell function by interacting with AML1/Runx1.

  8. ETV6-RUNX1 targets a developmentally restricted embryonic human B-myeloid progenitor

  9. Isoform-specific potentiation of stem and progenitor cell engraftment by AML1/RUNX1

  10. Loci other than 21q22.12 (RUNX1) and 16q21-23.2 cause familial AML.

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