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  1. Departmental Teaching Prize | UCL Astrophysics Group - UCL –…


    12 Sep 2016: Departmental Teaching Prize. 12 September 2016. The 2015/16 Departmental Teaching Prize has been awarded to Raman Prinja. The award will be presented at the Gala Dinner on Friday 28th October.

  2. Prof Hiranya Peiris - Oskar Klein Centre | UCL Astrophysics Group -…


    12 Sep 2016: Prof Hiranya Peiris - Oskar Klein Centre. 12 September 2016. Congratulations to Prof Hiranya Peiris on her recent appointment to Director of the prestigious Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics in Stockholm, starting in October 2016. Her new

  3. Astrophysics Head of Group | UCL Astrophysics Group - UCL –…


    1 Sep 2016: Astrophysics Head of Group. 1 September 2016. After five years in the role, Prof Mike Barlow has handed over the Headship of the Astrophysics Group to Prof Serena Viti as of 1st September 2016. We would all like to say a big thank you to Mike for

  4. STFC Science Board | UCL Astrophysics Group - UCL – University…


    22 Aug 2016: STFC Science Board. 22 August 2016. Ofer Lahav (Astrophysics Group, P&A Department) has been appointed to the STFC Science Board, with effect from 1 August 2016, for 3 years. The Science Board provides the STFC with a strategic scientific overview

  5. 50 Things You Should Know About Space | UCL Astrophysics Group - UCL…


    18 Jul 2016: 50 Things You Should Know About Space. 18 July 2016. What exactly goes on at the International Space Station and why does the Earth spin? Just how big is our galaxy and how did the Moon form? From constellations to space shuttles, Space is as

  6. Cosmic Web | UCL Astrophysics Group - UCL – University College London


    28 Jun 2016: Cosmic Web. 28 June 2016. About 30 UCL and French astronomers gathered on 9 &10 June 2016 at the Royal Astronomical Society in London to discuss the "Cosmic Web", the complex large scale structure in the universe. The meeting was sponsored by the

  7. UCL-led Twinkle exoplanet mission completes design milestone | UCL…


    27 Jun 2016: UCL-led Twinkle exoplanet mission completes design milestone. 27 June 2016. Twinkle, a mission led by UCL scientists that will unravel the story of planets in our galaxy, has completed a key design milestone. The results of the "payload study"

  8. World-first film of the Universe | UCL Astrophysics Group - UCL –…


    26 May 2016: World-first film of the Universe. 26 May 2016. The Science and Technology Facilities Council confirmed the UK's participation in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) this week, an international project that UCL astronomers have been involved

  9. Dusty doughnut around massive black hole spied for first time | UCL…


    25 Apr 2016: Dusty doughnut around massive black hole spied for first time. 25 April 2016. A team of astronomers, including UCL's Prof. Serena Viti imaged for the first time one of the doughnuts of dust long thought to encircle some supermassive black holes.

  10. Hidden in the archives: Finding the first-ever evidence of…


    18 Apr 2016: Hidden in the archives: Finding the first-ever evidence of exoplanetary system. 18 April 2016. You never know what hidden treasures can be uncovered in the archives. And this was certainly the case at Carnegie Observatories' collection when research




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