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  1. UCL Discovery - UCL Discovery Unlocking UCL research

    Download reports by UCL Faculty, and other statistics, are available from the UCL Discovery statistics page. ... UCL Discovery applauds this milestone by featuring the popular Institute of Archaeology doctoral thesis by Dr Lockyear.

  2. UCL Discovery - Copyright & UCL Discovery

    The copyright owner, usually the publisher or the author, retains the copyright of publications held in UCL Discovery. ... in this case only the publication details will be made available in UCL Discovery.

  3. Cancer

    Cancer brings together researchers, including clinicians, clinician-scientists and scientists, tackling all aspects of cancer laboratory and clinical research. We aim to make fundamental discoveries about the molecular mechanisms leading to cancer, to teach and train the next generation of cancer scientists and clinicians, and to conduct early phase and randomized clinical trials that will impact on patient care. The theme encompasses biology of the tumour cell; functions of molecular pathways dysregulated in cancer; genetic and epigenetic abnormalities in cancer; genetic markers predicting outcome and responses to therapy; experimental tumour models; gene, cellular and targeted therapeutics. The cancer types where we are building critical mass for internationally competitive research include: childhood cancer; cancer affecting teenagers and young adults; haematological malignancy (including leukaemia and lymphoma); ovarian cancer; brain cancer; sarcoma; lung, and head & nec

  4. UCL Discovery - Using UCL Discovery

    Where file icons appear, these may be clicked to download a copy of the research from UCL Discovery. ... UCL Discovery records often contain a link to the publisher's copy of the research.

  5. UCL Discovery - About UCL Discovery

    Where copyright permissions allow, a full copy of each research publication is directly available from UCL Discovery. ... UCL Discovery supports UCL'sUniversity College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT Tel: 44 (0) 20 7679 2000.

  6. UCL Discovery - Author tools

    To obtain include files from this list, amend.html to.include. Example:. becomes. ... The lists are sorted by author. To sort by date, the URL should

  7. UCL Discovery - Item Removed

    Author. Browse by:. For everyone. Using UCL Discovery:. Statistics:. For UCL authors.

  8. Experimental Medicine

    Experimental Medicine brings together researchers and clinicians from all disciplines across UCL and UCL Partners. Our aim is to foster innovation in medical diagnosis and to develop new therapeutic approaches. We will stimulate bidirectional interchange between clinical medicine and science in order to open up new avenues of research, and to apply scientific discoveries to improve medical care. A particular focus is proof-of-concept experiments in humans. Such experiments pose many challenges including regulatory compliance, and often require collaborative arrangements with external partners (e.g. industry). A specific goal is to assist researchers to meet these challenges.

  9. UCL Discovery - Using UCL Discovery: Exporting/RSS

    You can export the publication lists from browse views, or from an advanced search of UCL Discovery content. ... In terms of UCL Discovery this can include research content and service news.

  10. UCL Discovery - What is Open Access?

    More than 60% of publishers permit authors to place their final accepted version in repositories like UCL Discovery. ... Making research from subscription based journals available in repositories such as UCL Discovery is commonly known as Green OA, but

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