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  1. Magnetic characterisation

    measured by resonant X-ray scattering</em> </p> < p> While the discovery confirms that pyrochlore iridates adopt the required type of magnetic order to host Weyl fermions, the magnetic excitations point ... as an ion, electron or proton have been a

  2. Black hole discovery celebrated in special stamp set | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    Indeed, many of the discoveries featured in the set involved scientists from UCL through the Cassini and Rosetta space missions. ... Media contact. Bex Caygill. Tel: 44 (0) 20 3108 3846. Email: r.caygill [at]

  3. Discovery research programmes | Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases - UCL – University College London

    Discovery research programmes. Discover more information about our muscle research groups.

  4. 2007 Publications

    Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.  An open access version is available from UCL Discovery. ... Journal of Bentham Studies (9) 1 - 31.  An open access version is available from UCL Discovery.

  5. LONDON’S GLOBAL UNIVERSITY Thesis Deposit Agreement Form Please complete ...

    The citation and abstract of your thesis will normally appear in UCL Discovery soon after deposit, even if the full text cannot be made available immediately (or at all). ... 2(b) Licence. By default, theses are made available in UCL Discovery under a

  6. UCL physicists celebrate discovery of Higgs-like particle | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    UCL physicists celebrate discovery of Higgs-like particle. 4 July 2012. Scientists at CERN - including members from UCL's High Energy Physics Group working at the ATLAS experiment - have discovered a ... Videos: what the discovery of the Higgs means to

  7. Silva CMS: add a publications feed from Discovery | Information Services Division - UCL – University College London

    Instructions. This code source is used to generate a UCL branded Research Publication lists, using the user's UPI. ... below. Please note: We can only respond to UCL email addresses. Help us improve this page.

  8. Next Generation Tools - Final Report

    The knowledge discovery algorithm has identified a set of independent hypotheses (lower panel). ... Wallis, S.A. and Nelson, G. (2001) Knowledge discovery in grammatically analysed corpora.

  9. 2011 Publications

    View the list on the UCL Discovery website: . Anandarajah, G and Pye, S and Usher, W and KESICKI, F and McGlade, C (2011) TIAM-UCL Global Model Documentation. ... An open access version is available from UCL Discovery.    file. Shipworth, M (2011)

  10. Professor David Coen

    Publications by David Coen at UCL Discovery. ... Previously he was Head of Department of Political Science at UCL from 2010 to 2018.