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  1. New Drug Discovery Cluster Members | UCL School of Pharmacy - UCL – University College London

    His research interests include drug discovery using structure-based design, the molecular mechanism of drug binding and the development of resistance to kinesin targeting drugs.  . ... At present, her research is focussed on the validation of key

  2. A. Vlachidis Publications | Information Studies - UCL – University College London

    Available from UCL Discovery.

  3. The Process of Drug Discovery (PHAY0020) | UCL Module Catalogue - UCL – University College London

    The Process of Drug Discovery (PHAY0020).

  4. History | About UCL - UCL – University College London

    Professor John O’ Keefe, Director of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits &Behaviour at UCL, is awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of cells ... The discovery in the 1890s of all five of the noble gases,

  5. Industry | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL – University College London

    With interdisciplinary relationships across UCL, the global academic community and the industrial sector, the IMD can consider the fundamental science, sustainability, economic viability and technology transfer in all materials development. .

  6. Antimicrobial Coatings | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL – University College London

    Antimicrobial Coatings. The science behind the research. Antimicrobial coatings have been widely investigated for different applications such as medical devices in clinics, self-cleaning coatings in industry, and linens and clothing at homes.

  7. Discoveries | Why We Post - UCL – University College London

    Discoveries. Discovery 1. Social media is not making us more individualistic. ... Discovery 2. For some people social media does not detract from education - it is education.

  8. Assyrian empire builders - Bibliography

    Albenda, P., The palace of Sargon king of Assyria: monumental wall reliefs at Dur-Sharrukin, from original drawings made at the time of their discovery in 1843-1844 by Botta and

  9. UCL Quantum research ‘among top 10 physics discoveries of 2013′ | UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute - UCL – University College London

    13 December 2013. UCL Quantum research ‘ among top 10 physics discoveries of 2013′. ... Among them is a recent discovery by a team including UCL’ s John Morton (London Centre for Nanotechnology &UCL Electronic &Electrical Engineering).

  10. Silva CMS: add a publications feed from Discovery | Information Services Division - UCL – University College London

    Instructions. This code source is used to generate a UCL branded Research Publication lists, using the user's UPI. ... below. Please note: We can only respond to UCL email addresses. Help us improve this page.