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  1. Drug Discovery Group (DDG) | Translational Research Office (TRO) - UCL – University College London

    Established in 2012, the Drug Discovery Group (DDG) is based at UCL School of Pharmacy and is composed of scientists with experience in pharma, biotech and academic drug discovery. . ... Learn how the UCL DDG can help along each part of the early stage

  2. About

    UCL Discovery has already been modified to accept data deposits during the short REWARD project and as a result already contains datasets relevant to PRIME. ... basis by UCL Management Systems (who manage the Symplectic Elements ingest system used by UCL

  3. Industry | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL – University College London

    With interdisciplinary relationships across UCL, the global academic community and the industrial sector, the IMD can consider the fundamental science, sustainability, economic viability and technology transfer in all materials development. .

  4. History of the Department | Chemistry - UCL – University College London

    The frontispiece of the 5th Edition, published while he was Professor at UCL in 1834. ... He returned to UCL in 1955 and became Head of Department from 1963 - 1971.

  5. Silva CMS: add a publications feed from Discovery | Information Services Division - UCL – University College London

    Instructions. This code source is used to generate a UCL branded Research Publication lists, using the user's UPI. ... below. Please note: We can only respond to UCL email addresses. Help us improve this page.

  6. New Drug Discovery Cluster Members | UCL School of Pharmacy - UCL – University College London

    His research interests include drug discovery using structure-based design, the molecular mechanism of drug binding and the development of resistance to kinesin targeting drugs.  . ... At present, her research is focussed on the validation of key

  7. Discovery could temporarily boost immune system in elderly | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    Discovery could temporarily boost immune system in elderly. 17 August 2011. ... Professor Arne Akbar (UCL Immunology) leads research which identifies a new mechanism controlling ageing in white blood cells.

  8. Polyhymnia | Grondt & Inleyding - UCL – University College London

    Not because we believe that they were always reliable, but simply to awaken the spirit of Painting, so that by following these or similar discoveries, it can demonstrate its prudence.

  9. Gene discovery helps children with movement disorder walk again | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    UCL researchers have discovered a new genetic cause for dystonia, a movement disorder, enabling treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation which has been so successful that children have been able to walk ... Contact. Margaret-Anne Orgill. Tel:020 31088515

  10. Vacancies | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL – University College London

    UCL:  Institute for Materials Discovery. Hours: Full Time. Contract Type: Fixed-Term/Contract. The project involves strong national and international academic and industrial collaboration. ... Contact:. For informal enquiries about the role, please