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  1. Nervous system discovery could lead to new cold pain relief drugs | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    Co-corresponding author Dr Edward Emery (UCL Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research) said: “ Trpm8 and Na. ... Media contact. Henry Killworth. Tel: 0207 679 5296. E: h.killworth [at]  .

  2. The junior doctor who made a life-changing prostate discovery | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    The junior doctor who made a life-changing prostate discovery. 10 May 2018. ... A new study led by UCL alumna Dr Anna Rose with researchers at UCL Medical Sciences and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology has found junk DNA can influence many important human

  3. Our discoveries OLD | Why We Post - UCL – University College London

    Our discoveries OLD. Why We Post is a global anthropological research project on the uses and consequences of social media. .  .  .  . ... Our discoveries. Discovery 1.  . Social media is not making us more individualistic.

  4. Organic Chemistry: Drug Discovery MRes | UCL Graduate degrees - UCL – University College London

    Organic Chemistry: Drug Discovery MRes. The Organic Chemistry: Drug Discovery MRes at UCL offers students the opportunity to follow an integrated course of research and interdisciplinary study. ... Page last modified on 17 December 2020. The Organic

  5. Training and support

    Library services runs UCL Discovery, an open access repository for publications by UCL authors. ... in making all types of research outputs open access – including articles, proceedings, book chapters, working papers and more: all research outputs will

  6. Gene discovery helps children with movement disorder walk again | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    UCL researchers have discovered a new genetic cause for dystonia, a movement disorder, enabling treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation which has been so successful that children have been able to walk ... Contact. Margaret-Anne Orgill. Tel:020 31088515

  7. DC lab publications

    See also items about this paper on UCL News, the News and Views in Nature and Making the paper in Nature. ... Abrahams, D. 6th Edition, Vol 2: Drug Discovery and Drug Development, Chapter 11, 357– 405.

  8. Discovery in UNESCO passage tomb points to Neolithic Irish dynasty | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    Discovery in UNESCO passage tomb points to Neolithic Irish dynasty. 18 June 2020. ... Co-author on the study, Dr Thomas Kador (UCL Arts &Sciences), said: “ Across the archaeological, historical and ethnographic spectrum incestuous unions tend to be

  9. Educational Psychology Research

    Our Research. Information about research by our alumni, students and tutor team is available below. Research by our tutor team. Ali, S. &Dunsmuir, S. (2014). Time to Move On. SEN Magazine (March/April 2014 issue, SEN69). Ali, S. &Frederickson, N.

  10. MRC Proximity to Discovery, call for Early Career Researchers | UCL Cancer Institute - UCL – University College London

    Funded through the MRC Proximity to Discovery (PtD) award to UCL, the Industrial Partnerships Group (TRO) is offering members of Early career research the opportunity to second into companies, social enterprises, ... If you are interested please contact