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  1. Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins - UCL – University College London

    management advisory services for the national caseload of patients with amyloidosis and hereditary periodic fever syndromes, and the Wolfson Drug Discovery Unit. ... Director of the Wolfson Drug Discovery Unit.

  2. 2007 Publications

    Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.  An open access version is available from UCL Discovery. ... Journal of Bentham Studies (9) 1 - 31.  An open access version is available from UCL Discovery.

  3. People | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL – University College London

    People. The UCL Institute for Materials Discovery (IMD) was created to put UCL at the forefront of the design and development of sustainable, novel, high-performance materials.

  4. Materials Chemistry Consortium

    A4. Calculations on grain boundary diffusion (J.H. Harding; UCL). Calculations have been performed on grain boundary diffusion for a number of systems. ... Profs. Jones and Simons and F. Pratola of UCL Chemical Engineering, measured the forces required

  5. UCL Town Meeting on: "A novel therapies discovery network for UCL" | London Nano

    Menu. Search. Breadcrumb. UCL Town Meeting on: "A novel therapies discovery network for UCL". ... UCL. The meeting, hosted by 'UCL's Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing, will consider how we might establish a UCL novel therapies discovery network, which

  6. Immune cell health discovery could optimise cancer therapies | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    The study was led by UCL Division of Infection &Immunity, with support from UCL Institute for Liver &Digestive Health, King’ s College London, QMUL and the University of Oxford. ... Media contact . Henry Killworth. Tel: 44 (0) 207 679 5296. E:

  7. publications.bib

    Campargue et al. Phys. Rev. Res.{,} 2020{,} 2{,} 023091 DOI:10.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.023091]. This discovery paved the way to systematic searches of quadrupole transitions in water vapor and other ... The UCL-4000 line list is available from the CDS and

  8. Podcasts | Made at UCL - UCL – University College London

    Podcasts. Our #MadeAtUCL podcasts explore the disruptive discoveries emerging from UCL. ... Prof Ben Campin (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL Urban Laboratory) and Lo Marshall (Geography). •

  9. UCL Library Services -- Newsletter - Issue 33

    Digital Collections. UCL Discovery. UCL Exam Papers. UCL Archives. UCL Reading Lists. ... To find out more about the Poetry Store at UCL Special Collections, see:.

  10. Sensors

    vision of a smartphone-connected diagnostic test for infectious diseases that integrates advances in biomarker discovery, microfluidics, nanosensors, microelectronics and nanoparticles. ... The university is based in Bloomsbury in the heart of London,