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  1. About

    They will also be asked to provide the permanent identifier of the UCL Discovery Record to JOAD, so that the published paper is linked to the data. ... 10] UCL Discovery: breakdown of deposits for Institute of Archaeology. [

  2. Discoveries | Why We Post - UCL - London's Global University

    Discoveries. Discovery 1. சமூக ஊடகம் நம்மை தனி நபர்களாக மாற்றவில்லை. Discovery 2. ... Discovery 11. மக்கள் இன்று சமூக ஊடகம் என்பதை

  3. Where to find OER | Open education - UCL - London's Global University

    Where to find OER. UCL's OER is published on OpenEd@UCL and the university's research is being published on  UCL Discovery  as an integral part of its open access ... Self-Access Centre Database from the UCL Centre for Languages and International

  4. Hands-on science at Crick Institute Discovery Day | UCL CULTURE - UCL - London's Global University

    Public Art. UCL East. Let's go. Let's go. Hands-on science this Saturday at Crick Institute Discovery Day. ... 13th June 2017. About us. 17 June 2017. UCL partner The Crick Institute invites you to take a peek behind the scenes of its world-class

  5. Bacterial Glyoxalases as targets for drug discovery | UCL School of Pharmacy - UCL - London's Global University

    Bacterial Glyoxalases as targets for drug discovery. 30 June 2015. Researchers: Dr Jess Healy (project lead) and Carrie-Anne Molyneaux (PhD student). ... The approach. . To develop novel inhibitors we are currently employing kinetic target guided

  6. Resources and Services for NHS Staff | Library Services - UCL - London's Global University

    UCL Discovery Plus is an Open Access service for staff at UCL's partner NHS Trusts and Whittington Hospital NHS Trust. ... All publications that are deposited in UCL Discovery Plus will also be found through Google searches, since Discovery is indexed by

  7. Copyright for research | Library Services - UCL - London's Global University

    Once on UCL Discovery it is publically accessible. The size of the audience is a significant factor in copyright risk. ... When your thesis is made open access in UCL Discovery, anyone can access it via the internet.

  8. Self-propelling nanomotors and complex nonequilibrium systems | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL - London's Global University

    For further information contact Dr. Tung Chun Lee. 44 (0) 20 7679 1003 |

  9. Educational Psychology Research

    Our Research. Information about research by our alumni, students and tutor team is available below. Research by our tutor team. Ali, S. &Dunsmuir, S. (2014). Time to Move On. SEN Magazine (March/April 2014 issue, SEN69). Ali, S. &Frederickson, N.

  10. Nanocomposites | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL - London's Global University

    Ongoing research. The Institute of Materials Discovery has developed several nanocomposite coatings, mainly using novel non-vacuum vapour deposition methods. ... For further information contact Prof Kwang-Leong Choy. 44 (0) 20 7679 3855 |