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  1. Diana Mastracci – Extreme Citizen Science blog UCL's interdisciplinary research group on Extreme Citizen Science Fri, 14 Sep 2018 13:33:27 0000 en hourly 1 ... studying informal learning especially in the field of evaluation of informal education in

  2. TRAIL discovery points to new target for cancer therapy | UCL Cancer Institute - UCL – University College London

    New research led by UCL has revealed how certain cancer cells are able to rewire the TRAIL cell signalling pathway to help promote tumour growth and avoid immune recognition. ... Cancer Research UK has awarded one of the first 2015 Centres Network

  3. Fully Funded PhD Studentships in Mycobacterial drug discovery | UCL-TB - UCL – University College London

    Fully Funded PhD Studentships in Mycobacterial drug discovery. 12 December 2019. ... The other is through the EPSRC-fundedwill optimize and utilize a next-generation drug discovery platform to find new antibiotics active against latent tuberculosis. .

  4. Mr Simon Faithfull - The Slade School of Fine Art

    Main Menu. Search by keyword. Browse by topic. Browse by topic. Painting. Sculpture. Fine Art Media. ---. Materiality. Word and Image. Electronic Media. Performance. Landscape and Environment. Intercultural Interaction. Public Sphere. Reader in Fine

  5. Discovery of Antarctic subglacial rivers may challenge excavation plans | UCL News - UCL – University College London

    a British team led by UCL scientists at the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM). ... Professor Duncan Wingham, of UCL, Director of CPOM and who led the team, says: "Previously, it was thought

  6. Daniel Miller | UCL Anthropology - UCL – University College London

    As with all UCL Press titles, the books are be available as free PDF downloads, and in low-cost print versions. ... of Anthropology UCL in her research which forms part of a larger ESRC funded called  The Waste of the World  and led by Prof.

  7. Publications | UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology - UCL – University College London

    Publications. Please see UCL Discovery for a list of departmental publications by year. ... You can also search for specific authors, titles etc within UCL Discovery.

  8. Departments in the UCL School of Pharmacy | UCL School of Pharmacy - UCL – University College London

    PhD studentships are available through UCL and Pharmacy training programmes or by contacting staff directly. ... The programme teaches advanced experimental approaches in pharmacology coupled with current developments in drug discovery and therapeutics.

  9. Nanomaterials synthesis

    div> < div class="field__items"> < div class="field__item"> < a href=" ... a new paradigm with the discovery of emergent monopoles within dipole lattices known as bulk and artificial spin ices.

  10. Industrial Studentships | INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS DISCOVERY - UCL – University College London

    UCL IMPACT Awards. By supporting an IMPACT studentship an industrial partner will have a highly motivated and qualified PhDS student to undertake research that they, in collaboration with the supervising scientist, ... Contact . Telephone:44 (0) 20 7679