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  1. Fragment 87 interactions with Glu

    1. Ligand: PNJ. Pnp-beta-d-glucosamine. PDB code: 2vzu.

  2. Making the unreactive reactive | London Nano

    In a recent paper in Advanced Functional Materials they present a method to functionalize perfluoropolymer nanoparticles (PnP).

  3. Student Research Publications | UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of...

    The study focusses on the role of the enzyme Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) enclosing the posterior neuropore (PNP) in the neural tube. The main finding from the study is that ... ROCK dependent apical constriction compensates for the PNP

  4. Fragment 118 interactions with Asp


  5. Rho kinase-dependent apical constriction counteracts M-phase apical expansion to enable...

    Cellular generation of mechanical forces required to close the presumptive spinal neural tube, the "posterior neuropore" (PNP), involves interkinetic nuclear migration (INM) and apical constriction. Both processes change neuroepithelial apical

  6. The effect of polyneuropathy on foot microcirculation in Type II diabetes.

    AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of peripheral polyneuropathy (PNP) on skin microcirculation and foot swelling rate in the feet of patients with Type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus. METHODS: 38

  7. Vangl2 disruption alters the biomechanics of late spinal neurulation leading to spina...

    Human mutations in the planar cell polarity component VANGL2 are associated with the neural tube defect spina bifida. Homozygous Vangl2 mutation in mice prevents initiation of neural tube closure, precluding analysis of its subsequent roles in

  8. The ATPase cycle of hsp90 drives a molecular 'clamp' via transient dimerization...

    How the ATPase activity of Heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) is coupled to client protein activation remains obscure. Using truncation and missense mutants of Hsp90, we analysed the structural implications of its ATPase cycle. C-terminal truncation

  9. A plug-and-play fault diagnosis approach for large-scale systems

    This paper proposes a novel Plug-and-Play (PnP) dynamic approach for the monitoring of Large-Scale Systems (LSSs). The proposed architecture exploits a distributed Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) methodology for nonlinear LSS in a PnP framework.

  10. Fragment 33 interactions with Glu

    4'-nitrophenyl-alpha-d-glucopyranoside. PDB code:  . 61. Ligand: PNJ. Pnp-beta-d-glucosamine. PDB code:  . 62. Ligand: S06. (3s, 5r, 7r, 8s, 9s, 10r)-7-(hydroxymethyl)-3-(2-naphthyl)-1,

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